EIU’s unique vocation-centric, job skills related Executive Bachelor’s Certificate programmes are designed for busy working professionals and executives in the middle or senior management positions, with at least six years of management experience in one of the following 5 specializations areas: 

  1. International Business Management (E.B.C.IBM)
  2. Finance (E.B.C.Fin.)
  3. Integrated Marketing Communication (E.B.C.IMC)
  4. Hotel and Hospitality Management (E.B.C.HHM)
  5. Travel and Tourism Management (E.B.C.TTM)

The Executive Bachelor’s Certificate programmes offered at EIU are meant to help management executives who are currently in the work place to further specialize into a niche area of expertise and strengthen their extensive professional experience with cutting edge industry specific knowledge and technical know-how to futher excel in their specific roles. 

Due to the specialized nature of the Executive Bachelor’s Certificate programmes, embedded directly in the various management roles played by potential adult learners at their respective work places, the consequent outcomes of learning experiences obtained through such programmes are invariable relevant, meaningful and practically useful in facing many job-related challenges and difficulties.

Furthermore, students successfully completing the Executive Bachelor’s Certificate from EIU could directly progress into pursuing and completing a higher qualification, i.e., Professional Master’s Certificate in Management as well as Professional Doctoral Certificate in Management or any other related areas.

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